Finally reaching the Altar of Soparla, Ashcrofts home, the Chase prepare to take it back from Charmer, who is watching over the area himself along with an unexpected Duo.




Ashcroft: My home. Finally we reach the last spot of land Charmer has spread his lies and brain washing.

Sinclaire: Lets get going then! Niall wants to get to the epic twist in this dungeon! Teehee!

Deimos: Ni-...Hey....Wu.... WHO THE HELL IS NIALL!?!

Sinclaire: Oh! Nothing! Just future speech! Teehee!

Ashcroft: Indeed. Let's go, no time to waste here.

Mini-Boss: IstafiasEdit

Ernest: Thank you for joining the armada, fellow commander. I can tell you now Kaze'aze will be pleased!

Lloyd: FATHER!

Ernest: Hmph. You know nothing, do you?

  • The man he was talking to whips off his large trenchcoat, revealing his mechanical body.

Sinclaire: Istafias!? Teehee!

  • Istafias growls*

Istafias: Blast the creator, leave now Sinclaire!

Cabe: Hey! Heh, you didn't tell me about him Sinclaire!

Deimos: Me neither, care to explain?

Sinclaire: Well, Cabe was a success, and I thought I should try on another subject and make them even MORE advanced! Teehee!

Istafias: And to say in that idiots view, "But he ran away like a meanie face, because he was grumpy, Teehee!"

Raide: Oi! Thats my sis your talking about!

Istafias: Can it, you little brat. Sir Antares, leave this to me.

Ernest: Indeed, I forsee no problems, commander.

  • Ernest teleports away, Istafias suddenly drawing a glowing katana*

Istafias: Cabe, Sinclaire, time to meet your NEW maker!

Mini-Boss Half HealthEdit

Istafias: Hmm, It seems we're in the same league. None the matter, afterall: It's not like your gonna lose against that pathetic Charmer.

  • Istafias teleports away*

Raide: ...

Sinclaire and Cabe: What?

Raide: No epic recap over your past with him, like Lloyd

Lloyd: Up yours!

  • Lloyd Tackles him*

Boss: CharmerEdit

Ashcroft: So there you are: The Great Exterminator! You sicken the Queen with your vile!

Charmer: Ah, so YOU'RE the intruders Altelier informed me of!

Arme: Altelier? That two-timing...

Deimos: He's on no ones side Arme, do some homework next time.

  • Arme turns away, andAshcroft attempts to jump Deimos, but she holds him back*

Charmer: I don't get it, why do you always have a long conversation? Why don't we just fight?

Raide: My thoughts entirely.

Charmer: Thats the right view, Raide. Good man...

  • Raide looks happily shocked, mouthing "I just got complimented!" before Leon tackles him*

Charmer: Right, lets get this over with...

  • Charmer pulls out a flute*