The Chase, having travelled back and forth between Xenia and Bermisiah, have recently noticed a small island floating inbetween the two. They begin to explore, and discover of the ongoing conflict between two religous cults.




Cabe: Well. Heh, THIS place is new!

Sinclaire: Looks like some religious chapel! Teehee!

  • Elesis glances left and right*

Elesis: Strange...

Deimos: What?

Elesis: Usually, journey's to religious sites end as epic battles against priests and monks...

Raide: Hey, seems like we have a break for once!

  • Raide is suddenly kicked to the floor by a black clothed and scarred man*

???: You shouldn't have come here, Athiests.

  • Raide brushes himself off*

Raide: Hey, I'm no Athiest! I've met Samsara and a bunch of gods! I believe in them!

???: Hmph, you show some awareness of the King Island.

Arme: The King Island? Is that your name for Xenia?

  • ??? bows randomly, keeping his head down*

???: Queen. I am sorry for being in your sight this entire time. I will be sure to punish myself accordingly.

  • Arme scratches her head, putting her arm on his shoulder*

Arme: Ummm, please don't do that.

  • ??? blushes, bowing even lower, to the point of his face almost being in the dirt*

???: Of course, Queen.

  • Elesis, Lire and Arme make a whispering circle, as the rest of the team stare in confusion, only Sinclaires occassional giggles and Cabe's mechanics running audible.*

Arme: Could you take us to the Chapel, Mister?

???: Of course, Queen, my name is Klavier Ashcroft, you may name me what you wish.

Arme: Umm. Okay?

  • The team enter the Chapel.*

Ashcroft: We have been practically destroyed by the Sarpa cult, Queen. I am probably the last of your disciples.

  • Arme gasps, Ashcrofts bows, finding as if he had caused her distress*

Ashcroft: Our Soparla cult only wished to practice our religion in peace at our holy land, yet they came with a wish to take this land through violence.

  • Ashcroft goes onto his knees.*

Ashcroft: My father was among the dead, I beg of you Queen. Help the Soparla take their land back.

Arme: Of... Of course, me and my... Bodyguards will help you!

Antheia: Bodyguards!?

  • Arme mouths the words "Play along" before the only window still standing in the partially destroyed chapel smashes, billions of Sarpa Monks arriving*

Elesis: Aha! I told you there would be monks

Deimos: Damn...

Boss: CottonMouthEdit

CottonMouth: Ah! Klavier Ashcroft! Your father told me about you, right before I killed him!

Ashcroft: A Pawn of Charmer eh? Not the matter, Queen shall destroy you in a matter of seconds.

Arme: Wuh? Yeah. Ummm... *Ahem* You are not even worthy of the mud on my boots, my guards shall dispatch you. Get out of my sight! *Ahem* Gee, that sounded aggressive. Sorry...

  • Wesker spins his coffin expertly on its chains, showing off in an attempt to scare off CottonMouth*

Wesker: Skills... Test...