After the defeat of Kaze'aze, some lands covered by her darkness resurfaced. The largest being Anastasia, where she was known to train many of her soldiers, namely her Liches and Mages. The Chase travel her after Raide and Sinclaire feel in their blood that this uncharted land deep to the north exists.


Lair of the Everlasting (Mini Boss: Ianthe l Boss: Antheia)

Arena of Naught (Boss: Garland)

Depths of Hades (Boss: Thief King)

Trees of Acantha (Boss: Acantha)

The Outer Wall of Abidanos (Boss: Battle Battalion 99)

Atop the Walls of Abidanos (Mini Boss: Ernest l Boss: Hulderic)

Courtyard of Abidanos (Mini Boss: Undead Ladrington l Boss: Themis)

Abidanos' Throne (Mini Boss: Wesker l Boss: Abidanos)

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