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Created by: Shadowfang3000

Antheias First Job: Robin




Bermisiah, Violet Mage Academy, Anastasia, Lair of the Everlasting


Staff, Pirate Cannon, Valkyrie Book, Partusays Trident, Chaos Orb

Original Job





Violet Mages, Wesker, Crimson Mages, Grand Chase, Kaze'aze


Antheia icon

Age: 30?

Likes: Long Hair, Wesker, flowers, birds, proving herself to be able

Dislikes: Violet mages, The Grand Chase as a whole (Especially Deimos)


Antheia Emil was once a member of the Violet mage Guild, among the higher ups. She was known for here violent tactics in training her students, and was soon kicked out of the Guild. She was left to trek the world with no home, one person granted her shelter, a man known as Wesker. She live with this man for 3 years before war came to their home at Ellia, between The forces of Kaze'aze, Gardosen and Basilisk against Partusay. During the violence She and Wesker attempted to drive anyone away from their home if they wished to damage it in any way. Soon enough a higher ranking soldier armed with strange hooks and wearing Kaze'azes elite armour attacked, batting Antheia away and dueling Wesker. The fight was fierce, and Wesker was left half blinded by the soldier, the war had finished, and forces were marching away, it was a decisive victory for Kaze'azes armada. Another elite called for the man, his name was "SF3K-X". He picked up Wesker and left. Soon enough Antheia was met by Kaze'aze in person. Kaze'aze offered to give Wesker back in return of Antheia rallying an army of mages to fight for her. Antheia had no choice, and for Wesker she agreed, and through 16 years rallied her army, The Red Mage Guild. A band of warriors from Serdin and Kanavan decided to raid her Stronghold in Tyrenna. Among them was a young Violet mage. The band destroyed her army, and defeated her as well. The warriors revealed thereselves to be the Grand Chase, and explained how Kaze'aze was only using her to add to here forces, and that she would never give Wesker back to her. They then gave here two options: To join them in their adventure or to go to Kanavan and become a normal citizen. She decided to join them with a smirk, she could use them to aid her search for Wesker.


Worn-Out Antheia mission

Find 100 staff fragments in any Ellian dungeon

Defeat Kaze'aze once at Kaze'azes Castle, Champion mode

Find 1 photo of Wesker at Lair of the Everlasting in Tyrenna continent

Premium Antheia mission Find 1 Crystal


Antheia acts quite rude to most, finding herself to be above them in everyway. She is hard to befriend, but can be caring at times. She shows her true personality only to Wesker, a loving and caring individual


  • Design based on a character I planned to make, Ahrill (But he was too similar to Aragaz)
  • Her hair was originally black, but after Wesker was taken and she had to make an army for Kaze'aze, it turned slightly grey in stress