Ashcrofts First Job: Templar




Evlavios, Soparlan Town


Amulet, Large Cross, Khopesh, Staff with Lantern, Croseir

Original Job





Grand Chase, Soparla Cult

  1. Templar
  2. Raccogliere
  3. Treno
  4. Partita
  5. Crepuscolo

The Plaything of the GodsEdit

Type: Unlockable

Age: 22

Likes: Praying, Sacrifice, Self-Harm, Revising his holy texts, Queen/Arme

Dislikes: The Chase, The Sarpa Cult, Cake, Kyro, Mari

Klavier Ashcroft was born in an extremely religious family on Xenia. He was taught that the gods are the driving force behind his choices, and that he has no right to go against their will. Soon, a religious cult known as Sarpa, the Snake, came to being, and planned to convert the belief of the area. Ashcroft's father declared war against the Sarpa, wanting to keep the Soparla religion, the Lizard, in the land, and rallied an army to fight them. The Soparla army was all but wiped out, leaving only a small pocket of resistance from Ashcroft and a squad of Soparla's. The Grand Chase arrived, and Ashcroft requested their assistance to push back the Sarpa's and take back the land, agreeing to join them if they do so.


Ashcroft was born in a family that practiced self harm and beatings regulary. Due to this, he has no sense of fear, and cannot feel the pain he causes to himself. He shows to be a silent type, who doesn't want to be involved with other people's lives, but rather stay at home, reading up on his texts.


  • Finds the slightest thing he does wrong (E.g: Accidently walking into someone) deserves punishment through acts such as Flagellation and Cutting
  • The scars on his chest all relate to his sin cleansing
  • Has a Romanian accent
  • Despite his religious beliefs, he has a strange liking of Arme, refering to her as "Queen"
  • Constantly mutters prayers as he goes along his daily business
  • Based on Nicholas Wolfwood from Trigun and Allen Walker from D Gray Man
  • Member of the Soparla Cult