Cabe's First job: Servo Mech




Bermisiah, Serdin


Toolkit and Stingers, Plasma Shield Emitter, Data Module, Infused eyes

Original Job

Servo Mech


1 (Cabe) 43 (Kain)


Grand Chase, Serdin Knights, Kaze'azes children

  1. Servo Mech
  2. Defense Mech
  3. Battle Mech
  4. Command Mech
  5. Proud Mech

The New ExperimentEdit

Type: Unlockable

Age: 1 (Cabe) 43 (Kain)

Likes: Sinclaire, WD40, Oil, Electric Jolts, Building, Typing, Making References, Turning Frowns Upside Down

Dislikes: Mari, Magic, Everything Sinclaire hates

Kain Atticus was a rude warrior born to a wealthy family. He was known as "Mr. Death", due to usually being the only survivor of the extremely dangerous missions he was sent on during his days in Serdins Elite forces. During the wars against Kanavan, he was sent on a covert reconnaissance alone with no support. He was found spying on Kanavans camp's, and gruesomly beaten by soldiers. He was left bleeding heavily, his left leg, both of his arms and his right arms now detached from his body. He was supposed to die on that day, yet Sinclaire had been travelling through his timeline, studying him as she went, and decided to assist him. She picked up what was still attached to his torso, and travelled back to her lab, where she rebuilt him in an experiment she had intended to used on wounded troops. The experiment proved successful, and Cabe was born. At first, Kain Atticus was displeased with his new body and name, but soon took a liking of it, and lived with Sinclaire. He learnt many skills from her, and became a great mechanic aswell.


As Kain, he was extremely black hearted, caring for himself only. He was known to leave those who are wounded, despite any pleas for help. After he became Cabe, he saw a new light. Sinclaire had broken the timeline just to save his life, and he now idolised her, picking up her personality and likings.


  • CABE stands for Contruct Assembled for Battle and Exploration
  • The being that would become Cabe was called Kain Atticus
  • As a human, he was selfish and violent. As a cyborg, he is kind and loving.
  • He loves and hates the same things as Sinclaire (With his own additions)
  • Suffers from Marfan Syndrome
    *Due to this, he is even taller then Wesker, but is extremely thin (2m 31cm)
  • His Cyborg inplants include his Left Leg, both of his arms and his right eye;
  • He is also covered in messy stitches *Courtesy of Sinclaire*
  • Due to his cyborg leg, he can jump much higher then most
  • Loves Sinclaire as a sister he never had (Infact, the Azes accept him as a member of the family, the "Uncle" of the group)
  • Has a liking for country and western music, especially the works of Conway Twitty
  • Renamed due to being recorded in offical archives as dead