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LordRaeo's CharactersEdit



Tyrorik: he is a fallen God after all lol.

You should get a new link for Tyrorik that video is gone now lol. Zsashas 22:13, April 18, 2010 (UTC)

Blake0108's CharactersEdit

Murk: or

the songs are blast of wind and candy pop

FallofDawn's CharactersEdit

Note: Sorry, I'm a KH(Kingdom Hearts) Girl so all themes come from KH. :D I'm Little Miss KH! \:D/



Sakura95's CharactersEdit

Sakura: Misunderstood, wants to forget, by showing off and fighting.

Number One

The World

Samuel: Always wants to attract some attention. And he miserably fails.


Karen: Delicate one, drawn into the war because of need to save the others...

Flower Of Hell

Vizeyn: A lost soul, lurking inside the other one.


What can you see in their eyes?

Shadowfang3000's CharactersEdit

Character Themes:Edit

Raide, The Flirting Failure:

Sinclaire, The Insane Mechanic:

Deimos, Kaze'azes Dearest:

Antheia, The Bloody Lady:

Wesker, The Reincarnated Opposition/ Remnant Cowboy:

Nereus, The Friendly Fisherman:

Lloyd, The Notorious Noble:

Ashcoft, The Doom Sayer

C.A.B.E, the Combat Construct:

Luruna, the Cursed Crafter:

Lock, The Sealed Demon

Altelier, How it all ends (My favourite classical piece of music :P)

LeapingPanda and Shadowfang3000 COLLAB CHARACTERSEdit

Leon, The Loving Gambler:

Chirashi, The Master Chef:

Continent/Level ThemesEdit

Anastasia (The Underworld Continent):

Evlavios (The Religious Continen):

Veronath (Star Crossed Continent):

Lilea (The Ideal World Continent):

NPC's/ Story CharactersEdit

Ladrington XI, The King:

Treadd, the Homeless Sage:

Ernest, the Master and Commander

Claire, The Middle Mistress

Orion, the Traumatic Prince

Rhode, The Joker

Stayin, The Worker, behind the scenes

The Editor

Group Themes:Edit




The 'Azes (Raide, Sinclaire, Deimos):

The Lancers (Deimos, Ladrington, Leon):

Father and Son (Raide and Deimos):

Suffering and Pain (Wesker and Ashcroft):

The Underlings (Wesker and Cabe):

The Cowboys (Deimos and Wesker):

The Night and his Moon (Wesker and Antheia):

The Moon and her Night (Wesker and Antheia):

The Techno-Duo (Sinclaire and Cabe):

The Team (ALL of Shadowfang3000's characters): (Metal Gear FTW!)

One Big Happy Family (Raide, Sinclaire, Deimos, Nereus, Lloyd, Leon, Cabe, Luruna, Chirashi):

One Small Depressed Household (Antheia, Wesker, Ashcroft, Lock):

The Kings favourite (Deimos and Ladrington):

One Small Happy Family (Nereus, Shannon, Emily, Jean and Rufus):

The Final Casualty (Ernest's final death)

The Daughter (Lock and Rhode)

Race to the finish! (Raide, Nereus and Chirashi)


Nereus: My Citzenship teacher, Mr McCann XD

Lloyd: Raiden from MGS2


Ashcroft: Vamp from MGS2

Cabe: Cam Clarke

Luruna: Rose from MGS2

Lock: Vincent Valentine from FFVII

Altelier: Scar from Lion King


Gabriel333's charactersEdit

Coco: Tagalog)


froslass' charactersEdit



RProdigy's CharacterEdit

Binka: or

GcThe5th's CharactersEdit

Lucas, The Shaman :

Eire, The Priestess:

Zsashas's CharactersEdit

Sabrille, The Gunman: (Main Theme :3 )

Athras, The Trustee:

Thralk, The Sorcerer of the Dead: (0:00 - 0:16 is the best :3 ) (Dialogue)

Zath, The Shade: (Skelra Boss Battle)

Keyava, The Ritual Summoner: (Skelra Boss Battle) (First Appears)

Shadowblade777's CharactersEdit

Our Adventure Begins The Great Battle Battle of Souls The Shadow The God of Twilight Shadow's Final Stand Peace Comes Hard Times Traverse Sorrowed Losses It Only Begins... A Heart of Love A Dark Future Awaits...

Ymant10's CharactersEdit

Blaze's Characters:

Sean, The Diviner's Legacy:The Encounter

Tammy, The Tamer of Twilight:Sanctuary

Ethan,The Outcast of Society:Headstong

Remember the name(When he's in battle)

Hana,The Ninja of Aggradon:U.N.

Fiore Preview,The Possessed Desciple:Monastary in Disguise

Jade,Leader of the Dynasty Knights:


The Blaze(Everyone): song made me shed tears)

Blade's Characters:

Avion,The Bloody Knight:[Suey]

Hiaku,The Evil Fighter:[[1]]