The world is made up of many different places. Despite it's size many have just surfaced to reveal the world to be much bigger than orginally thought.

World map with tyrennia

Tyrennia ContinentEdit

Tyrennia on the map

Tyrennia on the world map...

Creator: LordRaeo

Burnoras Falls
  • StarStar2Star2: Level 65-68
  • StarStarStar2: Level 66-69
  • StarStarStar: Level 67-70
  • Champ: Level 70-73

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  • StarStar2Star2: Level 68-72
  • StarStarStar2: Level 70-74
  • StarStarStar: Level 72-76
  • Champ: Level 74-78

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  • StarStar2Star2: Level 80-83
  • StarStarStar2: Level 81-84
  • StarStarStar: Level 82-85
  • Champ: Level 85-88

Template:Ryloth's Peak

Template:Dragons Covenant

Template:Ruins of the Temple of the Disciples

Template:Magicians Steps

Anastasia ContinentEdit

Creator: Shadowfang3000

Lair of the Everlasting (Mini Boss: Ianthe Boss: Antheia)

Arena of Naught (Boss: Garland)

Depths of Hades (Boss: Thief King)

Trees of Acantha (Boss: Acantha)

The Outer Wall of Abidanos (Boss: Battle Battalion 99)

Atop the Walls of Abidanos (Boss: Hulderic)

Courtyard of Abidanos (Mini Boss: UndeadLadrington l Boss: Themis)

Abidanos' Throne (Mini Boss: Wesker l Boss: Abidanos)

Evlavios ContientEdit

Creator: Shadowfang3000

Altar of the Snake (Boss: CottonMouth)

The Tract (Boss: CopperHead)

River Styx (MiniBoss: VenomStain l Boss: Sidewinder)

Serpent Stepping Stones (Boss: Mauntein)

Altar of the Lizard (MiniBoss: Istafias l Boss: Charmer) {C Died with the King (Cutscene Dungeon)

Veronath ContinentEdit

Creator: Shadowfang3000


Twin IslesEdit

Creator: Clair Kwon 20:51, October 6, 2010 (UTC)


Draedin - Defend the villagers from the incoming raiders! (Boss - Raider Officer)

Topaz Forest - Find and dispose of the Raider Chief! (Boss - Raider Chief)

Crystal Waterfall - Find the one who posioned the river! (Boss - Mutated Death Python)

Mountain Peak - Find out the mastermind behind the invasion! (Boss - Cursed Dragon)

Dragon Cove - Defeat the Dragon Slayers! (Boss - Mestiopaian Officer)



Beach Shore

Crater Core

Peril Lake

Forest of the Mist

Icicle Valley

Mountain of the Moon

Crystal Wasteland

Hell Mountains

Hell's Gate



  • Ice Steps - Find The God Of Ice (Mini Boss: Ice Burnora|Boss: Pytointe)
  • Silver Woods - Defeat Ents And The Nega Ent (Mini Boss: Onyx Treant|Boss: Nega Ent)
  • Jungle Of Tuirqoite - Defeat Evil Leaf Creatures Ivading Jungle Of Tuirqoite (Mini Boss:Air Krakos|Boss: Onyx Anmon)
  • Crater Of Flames - Find The God Of Bursts (Mini Boss: Maroon Onyx Anmon|Boss: Raazorr)
  • Nega Beach - Defeat Nega Flower (Mini Boss: Cratorous|Boss: Nega Flower)
  • Fortress Of Life - Find The Snake Of Vecrolity (Mini Boss: Burst Serpent|Boss: Burst Snake)
  • COMING SOON: Aggraged Sea - Defeat The Seaforyas & The Nega Seaforya (Mini Boss: Onyx Sea Anmon|Boss: Nega Seaforya)
  • COMING SOON: Maroon Sanctuary - Defeat The Maroon Paradominies Ivading Armandion's Sanctuary (Mini Boss: Maroon Paradom|Boss: Aggraged Raazorr)