Sean Icon

1st Job: Seeker - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

2nd Job: Cycloner - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

3rd Job: Dragon Oracle - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

4th Job: Diviner - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

5th Job: Defender - Skill Tree (Unreleased)


Weapon:Double-sided Scythe

Ability:Transforming into a Dark Wolf,taking away 30% of damage away from critical hits

The Dark Wolf is standing in a human posture.

Sean is now able to use dark powers now to strengthens his nature powers.He has a cyclone-scythe to destroy evil and help others.But his bear-cat transformation is gone,now his new transformation is a dark wolf,the strongest of all wolves..He will grow stronger and receive a new and more powerful transformation in the future.


1st Move:Furious Ragnorok:He spins his blades 6 times(Small damage,Of course),then explodes dark energy in front of himself.(7x Hits)

2nd Move:Reaper's Slash:First,he calls upon nature to summon down a cloud above him and stuns the enemy,then Sean slashes through all of them with one single strike.(8x Hits)

3rd Move:Dark Nature:Sean gets struck by dark lightning and redirects the lightning into one giant beam coming out of his finger.(4x Hits)

Dark Wolf SkillsEdit

1st Move:Dark and Light:Slashes the enemy 3 times with light claws,then kicks the enemy back with dark energy.(4x Hits)

2nd Move:Phantom Pulse:Dark Wolf swipes his hand and a round dark pulse goes around him.(6x Hits)

3rd Move:Dark Drill:Dark Wolf focuses his dark energy into his claw and then releases it into a drill-shaped projectile,pushing it.(4x Hits)


Sean we have seen your talent and what you can do.The undead army has decided to grant you dark powers and you can still use nature.We are trusting you to with our sacred scythe "The Cyclone".But in order to get The Cyclone you must pass our test!Good Luck!

~Dark Phantom~

GP Mission

  • Obtain 300 Cyclone Fragments
  • Obtain 10 Gaikoz Bones

Cash Mission

  • Obtain 10 Cyclone Fragments
  • Obtain 1 Gaikoz Bone


Basic Combo:Slashes 6 times back and forth,then kicks forward.

Critical Attack:During the Combo,he slashes diagonally.

Double Attack:He spins his blades after the combo.

Jump Attack:Up+Z

Crushing Stab:Sean backflips in the air and points the blades downwards.

Dash Attack:Cartwheels in the air 2 times.

Beserk Slashes:Spins his blades 6 times if you spam Z.

Grab:Sean grabs the enemy by the arm and twirls around,then lets go.


  • You think you could get away that easily,huh?!(During Battle)
  • Die,you insolence!(Start)
  • You better be off dead than alive.(During Battle)
  • I must not fail....(Counter-Attacked)
  • Ready?(During Specials)
  • I had enough of your talk....(Win)

Practice Mode DescriptionEdit

Cycloner is a darker version of Seeker,and uses a double scythe.Cycloner has the ability to transform into a Dark Wolf,a special speices that uses darkness to perform good deeds.


  • Sean's "Dark Nature" Move is like the electromagnetic railgun Misaka Mikoto uses in the anime,To Aru Kagaku no Railgun.
  • Sean's Dark Wolf "Phantom Pulse" is like the Pokemon Dark-Type move,"Dark Pulse".
  • Sean sometimes goes insane when he's a cycloner and happens to sometimes critical hit someone.
  • Even though Sean looks like he's become a psychopath,he still dedicates himself to finding true peace.
  • Sean's hairstyle was inspired by Sieghart's 2nd-4th Job hairstyles.