The Depths of Hades was a large mine abandoned by a small band of dwarves before Kaze'aze took Anastasia. The Chase arrive here after recieving their "prize" from the arena, a map. The place was fabled to contain a great treasure, and a large band of thieves have begun searching for it.




Raide: Peh, some reward this is, wheres all of my jewels?

Sinclaire: The map of course lil'n'purple. It'll lead us there, heehee!

Arme: *looks over map* The Depths of Hades?

Antheia: Yeah, thats right. I've heard that a bunch of theives, scums and all, have started looking for the gold around here.

Leon: Gold? Just more for my betting winnings, hehheh...

Ronan: Lets get moving team!


Thief King: You, scrap eater, why aren't you telling us where the gold is?!

  • This "scap eater" is sitting down lazily, arms folded and leaning in his arm, one eye visible*

???: Some know all...

Thief King: I know that peasant! TELL ME WHERE THE GOLD IS!

???: Treadding towards thou...

Lloyd: Unhand him, villain!

Thief King: What the hell are you? A kids game character?

???: Thy name is Treadd

Antheia: Rain or shine, your going down scum! CHARGE!

Treadd: Soon enough, they will fall...

Boss DefeatedEdit

Thief King: Hack! *cough*. Damn you all...

Antheia: Hell, I should be.

  • Lloyd and Ronan walk up to Treadd, and help him up. He still keeps his expression.*

Antheia: How about this? Tell us where Abidanos' relocated his keep, and we'll just beat you up a little.

Treadd: ...The fallen rises from the ashes, at his spared will...

  • Antheia somehow understands what he means, and nods*

Antheia: We'll let you be if you tell us.

Thief King: T-There is only one road, through the trees of Acantha.

  • Antheias eyes widen, Raide looking back and forth*

Raide:... Is that a good thing?

Ronan: I recognise you, I've seen your sign everywhere, Kanavan, Serdin, Ellia, Xenia, Silver Land, Alucubra, Archimedia. All of the lands, for my entire life I have seen you. Just who are you?

Treadd: ...The greater good know a pathway to many abilities... Some unnatural...

  • He glares a Deimos, then Antheia. He stares right into her eyes, although lazily, half shut. She looks away, some tears in her eyes*