===&nbsp Draedin===

Defend the villagers from the incoming raiders!Edit


Raider Swordman

Radier Archer

Raider Thief

Raider Apprentice


Raider Officer



Leslie: - breathes in - I just love being in Draedin again.

Lire: This looks like a pretty peaceful place.

Arme: I don't remember you saying Draedin had sandstorms!

Leslie: Excuse me, what?

Lass: I don't think that's a duststorm.

Lire: They look like they have armor on!

Ryan: They look alot like raiders.

Ronan: If so why aren't the villagers doing anything, The raiders are pretty close now!

Elesis: Well all I'm think right now is that those raiders are looking for a challenge and I'm gonna give them one. Charge!