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Kyro 3rd New

Kyro's Third Job (sketch)


Kyro Icon

1st Job: Elemental Apprentice - Skill Tree

2nd Job: Elemental Summoner - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

3rd Job: Elemental Destroyer - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

4th Job: Elemental Assassin - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

5th Job: Unknown - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

Stats Edit

  • High-Attack
  • Mid-Defense
  • Mid-Vit.

Description Edit

Destroyers savagely wield the Elements along side their Dual-Bladed Great Sword to conquer and defeat all things that stand in their way, their magic far surpassing most and their skills with a blade surpass most as well.

Unlocking Edit

Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
14000 GP

Elemental Destroyer Mission (GP)

  • Collect 70 Medals Of Victory from PvP
  • Collect 3 Peacemakers from Kaze'Aze on 3 Star Difficulty
  • Collect 4 Samsura Helmet Fragments from Samsura on 3 Star Difficulty
  • Collect 1 Claw fragment from Vanessa on 3 Star Difficulty
  • Defeat Vanessa 10 times on 3 Star Difficulty
9000 Cash Elemental Destroyer Mission (Cash)
  • Collect 10 Medals Of Victory from PvP
  • Defeat Vanessa once

Basic Moves Edit

Keystrokes Name Effect
run into oppenent then z Grab Kyro grabs ahold of his opponent jabs them with his sword and then tosses them behind him
z Attack Kyro slices upwards with his blade
z z Double Attack he attacks then swings his blade sideways and then slices his hand down and forward with elemental energy
z z z Triple Attack Kyro Double attacks then spins his sword forward and then slams it into the ground infront of him causing a flare of energy to burst up from the ground
z z z z Quadruple Attack Kyro triple attacks then spins and slices his blade sideways across whats in front of him dragging his free hand forward with energy to do additional damage
z z z z z Demon Blade Kyro Quadruple attacks then slices upwards and then down with magic from his hand two times rapidly
z z z z z+up Demon Blade 2 Kyro performs Demon Blade and then jumps and blasts down at angle in front of him with energy from his hand
z (spam) Rapid Swing Kyro swings his blade round and round infront of him at a very high speed destroying arrows and fire based attacks before they hit him
up then z Jump Attack Kyro swings his sword underneath him
up+up+down+z Double Jump Attack he jump attacks then slams down at an angle causing an elemental whirl effect where he lands
left left or right right Dash he runs
dash then z Dash Attack kyro dashes then swings his blade upwards tossing enemies in the air
up up Teleport Jump kyro jumps then teleports up into the air higher

Skills Edit

Fighting ModeEdit

MP Skill Lvl Name Effect
1st Mp Skill Blade Spin Kyro moves walks forward as he spins his blade rapidly in front of him for about 4 seconds he can also move left and right with this
2nd Mp Skill Twisted Sword Kyro spins sideways swinging his weapon then flips sideways and slashes while in midair and then lands in a crouched down position and then slashes upwards and then down
3rd Mp Skill Flare Break Kyro flips forward while spinning his sword and then slams down into the ground causing a massive flare of energy to burst up from the ground (similar to Storm Blade (elesis cash skill for 1st job) )

Elemental MagicEdit

MP Skill Lvl Name Effect
1st Mp Skill Elenas Deep Impact A single meteor slams down into the ground right in front of Kyro causing moderate damage
2nd Mp Skill Blade and Magic Combo Kyro spins forward once swinging his blade then spins forward in the other direction dragging his hand upwards across the enemy with energy and then uppercuts them into the air and holds out his hand and blasts them away with a small explosion of magic from his hand
3rd Mp Skill Elemental Freeze Kyro puts out his hands and everything within a small radius close to him is frozen in whatever element Kyro has equipped currently and they must hit the left and right keys to get free (this skill does massive damage but cannot kill, it can only fatal)