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Character Sakura

1st Job: Elementalist - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

2nd Job: Element Swordsman - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

3rd Job: Elemental Ruler - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

4th Job: Magic Master - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

5th Job: Veneficus Bellator - Skill Tree (Unreleased)


  • Attack: High
  • Defence: Medium
  • Vitality: Low


Elementalist was originally a title of the mages of Erinn. Sakura called himself an Elementalist without this knowledge, but he hoped that this name will be remembered among his foes. Sakura wields a wooden staff he had found in an abandoned temple. He uses it for fighting and casting spells. His melee abilities are worse than bad, but he exceeds at powerful elemental magic. If used wisely, can be a killing machine.


Elementalist is 1st job of Sakura so it is obtained automatically when you unlock Sakura.

Basic MovesEdit

Keystrokes Name Effect
ZZZZZ 5 Combo Attack Sakura performs magically empowered melee combo attack. He hits an enemy with the staff three times, fourth hit is an uppercut and then he creates an energy ball which holds enemy above the ground for a second. If Z is pressed one more time, the ball will explode, causing more damage.
Walk into opponent, then Z Grab Sakura freezes his opponent's legs, making it impossible for him to run, then summons a shockwave and sends the enemy flying.
ZZ, then Right (if facing right side) Wind After 2 first hits Sakura calls a small tornado which throws foes in the air. Can be also used as a Double Attack after Basic Combo.
ZZ, then Left Shockwave Small shockwave created around Elementalist, which pushes enemies back. Also usable as Double Attack.
ZZ, then Up Lightning Small thunder that hits foes in front of Elementalist with a medium damage and low chance to stun. Usable as Double Attack.
2 times Up, Left, Right or Down Portal Travel Elementalist disappears in a small portal and reappears in a distance of 2 meters in chosen direction. Works with Jump.
2x Up, Left, Right or Down, then Z Vortex After reappearing next to the foe, portal may start to suck him inside, causing some damage.
Up, then Z Jump Attack Sakura swings his staff in front of him.
Up, then Down and Z Jump Attack 2 Sakura throws 3 small icicles at the ground.


MP Skill Lvl Name Effect
1st Mp Skill Sphere Sakura accumulates energy of the chosen power in both hands, then shoots a sphere of that energy from the tip of his staff. It's affected by gravity and explodes whenever it hits the ground or someone's head.
1st Mp Skill (Charged) Charged Sphere Sphere can shoot further and explodes only after contact with a platform.
2nd Mp Skill Earthquake Knocks down all opponents in the stage. Deals more damage if foes are closer to Elementalist.
3rd Mp Skill Thunderstorm Skill that combines 3 elements with no chance to change them. Enemies can be frozen by hail, knocked down by wind, or electrocuted (with a high chance to stun) with the lightnings. All kind of the damage can happen to the one foe at the same time.

Skill TreeEdit


Skill Type Name Lvl Required SP Required Input Skill Required Effect
Combo Attack Magic Combo 14 1 ZZZZZ 5 Combo Attack A combo attack than abandons the usage of magic staff. Is a series of 4 magical slashes finishing with an elemental uppercut (depending on chosen element).
Utilizing Combo Thunder 18 2 ZZ, Up Lightning Small thunder that hits foes in front of Elementalist. Damage increases as well as chances for stun.
Utilizing Combo Quake 20 2 ZZ, Left Shockwave Causes the ground shake within low radius of Elementalist position. Therefore, enemies nearby will be affected with the same effect as "JUMP".
Critical Attack Blow 19 2 ZZ, Right Wind Creates a wind swirl which causes the enemies fly high.


  • Let's see what you're made of!
  • Die in flames, as my friends did!
  • You're just annoying...
  • Outta my way, got better things to do.
  • Don't wanna hurt you... do I ?
  • 畜生! (Damn!)
  • You deserved that.