The head of the Antares family and the father of Lloyd, Claire and Orion. He had left to fight in the war against Serdin many years ago, and survived through the battles. He has since been

The Master and Commander

out fighting against Kaze'aze, sending letters and photos to his family every month. Little does his family know, he has been dead for a while, murdered by Kaze'aze a few days after leaving for war. She has taken control of the shell that was once his body, and turned him into one of her commanders.


Despite his reception by the kingdoms of Kanavan and Serdin as a great man, and a role-model for the next generation of warriors, Ernest was always unkind and rude. He cheated on his wife, he was an alcholic, and despite the memories his children have of him caring for him, he treated each one rough. Although this was infact for a good cause, to "tough them up" and let them see how he was treated when he grew up. Under his rude and somewhat demonic personality, he did care for some. He honestly an truly cared for Orion, hoping he would become his successor, but after discovering that he had became a scholar, he lost all hope.

As an undead, he only shows one emotional trait: Rage. He constantly swears and shouts abusive language, and fights like a beserker


Sons: Lloyd (Youngest), Orion (Oldest)

Daughter: Claire (Middle Child)


Ernest wore a combonation of Royal, light weight and battle ready garments. It resembled a zipped up trench coat trimmed in gold and covered in various medals. Under this he wore male longs sleeved blouse. He also wore glasses and at times a large Cavalier Hat.

Battle StyleEdit

Little knew of his battle style as a human, due to him usually killing those who record it. Although he was believed to fight in a similar way to Lloyd, a dancing style.

As an undead, he was known to spin around in a ballerina twirl constantly. Spinning forward and charging. This gave him an advantage of dodging, parrying, blocking, distraction and mobility.