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Tyrorik Sketch From Scanner

Raeo's 1st Job Sketch Re-done


Tyrorik Icon

1st Job: Fallen God - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

2nd Job: Unknown - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

3rd Job: Unknown - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

4th Job: Unknown - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

5th Job: Unknown - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

Stats Edit

  • Very High-Attack
  • Very Low-Defense
  • Mid-Vit.

Description Edit

Tyrorik is very powerful with any set of weapons but this combination makes him lethal. Tyrorik holds his spear much like Seighart does but wields it much differently than either Seighart or Elesis. But Tyrorik also uses his sheild for attacking as well, their are numerous suprises thrown into the Ultima Shield, the hidded arrow launcher at the tip of it, the edges that are razor sharp and can be used to hack enemies to oblivion. Plus Tyrorik uses his tail to throw in a few extra attacks here and there when needed.

Unlocking Edit

As this is the first job for Raeo so it is obtained automatically

Basic Moves Edit

He unlike every other character in the game.. has multiple buttons to use to attack: z, x, c, and v.

Keystrokes Name Effect
Run into opponent then z Grab Tyrorik jumps over his opponent and swings his spear under him knocking the opponent way behind him
jump+down+z Hidden Arrow Tyrorik while in midair aims his shield under him and shoots an arrow down below him from the hidden launcher in the shield.
dash then opposite arrow key+z Hidden Arrow Tyrorik dashes forward then turns and shoots an arrow behind him (has the range of a ragna bolt)
up+up Flight Jump He jumps into the air once then as you hit up again his wings spread out behind him and launch him up a little higher
up+up+the dash either left or right Flight Dash Once your in the air after your flight jump you fly in the direction you dash
either hit z, x, c, or v 4 times to combo Attack combo Tyrorik slices rapidly forward with his spear and the edge of his shield 4 times

Skills Edit

Unlike most characters Tyrorik has no MP skills. Quite like Dio he has different buttons for skills. UNLIKE Dio, however he has no AP either, and he can't just hit a button to use a skill. To activate his skills you must enter a series of button combinations. Each of which have a cooldown time like Dio's skills. Unlike Dio's skills they are NOT heavy in damage.

Fighting ModeEdit

Key Input Name Effect Cooldown Period
a+z Flash Tail Spiral His tail whips forward jabbing into whats in front oh him (like a Rune Spiral) 5
x+x+z Striker Tyroriks tail flashes out from behind him dragging whats behind him in front of him with it and rips into whats infront of him 3 times 8 seconds
z+z+x+c Holy Punisher He slices forward with his shield 4 times then spins 360 degrees with his spear and then jabs it forward 14 seconds
z+x+x+c+v+v Winged Flash A vacume like effect sucks in enemies in a small radius around Tyrorik. Then he launches up off the ground and his wings appear, he begins to spin using the tip of his wings as blades cutting enemies to shreds. 20 seconds