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Sinclaire icon

1st Job: Guest - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

2nd Job: Member - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

3rd Job: Moderator - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

4th Job: Administrator - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

5th Job: TechGoddess - Skill Tree (Unreleased)


Attack: High

Defense: Low

Vitality: Medium


During her first visit into the future, Sinclaire met a man, who asked to be called The Editor. He taught her the ways of the later world, and gave her a Laptop and AC Adaptor:

"Use it well!" He smiled, as Sinclaire grinned back:

"I will!"

Basic MovesEdit

Keystrokes Name Effect
Z, Z, Z, Z Basic Combo

Sinclaire swipes her laptop up, then down, then throws out her AC Adaptor, before pulling back

^+ Z Jump Attack Sinclaire puts her laptop on her foot, and sweeps downwards
Z, Z, ^ G33ky Uppercu7 Sinclaire swipes her laptop up, then down, before diving forward, holding her laptop like a swimming float
> > Dash Sinclaire slides forward, a rainbow effect occuring
> >, Z Face Crusher Sinclaire dashes, then does a twirling swipe



Thanks to the technology from her visit to the future, Sinclaire has access to something she calls a "Laptop" She can use this to send Computer viruses, High pitched screeches and to batter the enemy senseless. She can also use an "AC adaptor" to hit enemies at long ranges. And of course she can travel to time periods and take things back to help her. Her Guest attacks are as follows:


Teca-Taca Crunch: Sinclaire opens her laptop and closes on here enemies like a pincer

Screamer: Sinclaire searches the internet and finds the "Scary maze" video, Petrifys opponents

Trojan: Sinclaire fires millions of Viruses that hit extremely fast on the nearest enemy, last 10 seconds

Time Travel:

Cavemen!: A Bunch of cave men appear from a portal and hit the nearest enemy senseless for 5 seconds

Spartans!: A huge line of 300 spartans charge with their spears faced forwards across the screen, lasts 10 seconds

Black Ops!: The Elite black Ops, armed with sniper rifles appear, They fire at the farthest target for 15 seconds before all throwing grenades at the strongest target left.


"Stay down!"

"No chance!"

"*Caveman like grunts*"

"Charge men!"

"Fire at will!"