Kanavan is one of the two main kingdoms of Bermisiah. It is home to Ronan, Elesis and Sieghart, aswell as where the Trackers, the predecessor to the Grand Chase, were rallied.

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The Hidden Truth, Shadowfang3000's StorylineEdit

In this storyline, Kanavan was infact ran by Kaze'aze for many years, every King having been monitored by her, and only used for public attention. The actual kingdom was ran by a Government consisting of her own Generals and Admirals.Ernest, deciding to go against the rule, was almost assassinated, but managed to survive at the cost of his own brothers life, before explaining the whole system to his son Lloyd. After his death, Lloyd set out with Ronan, Sieghart and Orion, and destroyed the Governmental system. Lloyd did not wish to be king, and asked Ronan Erudon to take rule, which he accepted