Leon's First Job: Ace




Torusice, Xenia, Serdin, Bermisiah


Cards, Duo Dice, Casino Tokens, Pimp Cane, "The Joker"

Original Job



Late 30's


Torusice Lancers, Kaze'azes Children, Grand Chase

1st Job: Ace

2nd Job: Gambler

3rd Job: Dealer

4th Job: Champion

5th Job: Legend


Creators: LeapingPanda and Shadowfang3000 (TWO HIT COMBO!)

Age: Late-30s

Likes: Good looking Ladies, card games, money, board games

Dislikes: Work, annoying voices, fighting

Leon was among the group of Lancers that found Deimos when he was cast aside by Kaze'aze. He was presumed dead after the battle of Torusice, but somehow survived. He staggered away with an arrow in his spine and smuggled himself into a supply ship heading for Bermisiah. Upon docking at Kerrie beach he saw a young Raide being bullied by older boys (Whos girlfriends he'd apparantly being flirting with). He chased off the boys, and befriended Raide. Giving him tips to flirting, and getting a job at a bar in Serdin, living normally for a few years. After news reached Serdin about Kaze'azes defeat at the hands of the Chase, Leon immediatly left in chase of Raide, observing him as he went in search for the Chase. He soon revealed himself, and joins the Chase.


Leon is quite a lazy and peaceful man. He befriended many and loved to play games. Despite the fact that he was a womaniser he was suprisingly wise and kind to all, disgusted by men who were rude to their ladies.


  • Was once a Torusice Lancer, being the only surviving one after their massacre along with Deimos.
  • Met Raide when he was 11, befriending him to the point of Raide calling him uncle.
  • He is a womaniser, just like Raide. But unlike him he's actually good at it.
  • He never actually talked to Deimos, but did know who he was, and was in the group that found him.
  • He persuaded Raide to fight with a shield, and to only kill if necessary.
  • He shares the need to tackle Raide to the ground when he's about to do something wrong and exclaim "Its a trap!" with Raide's sister Sinclaire