Lloyds First Job: Fencer




Kanavan, Castle Antares


Short Sword, Claymore, Holy Hooks, Spear and Hoplon, Dóiteáin and Sliabh and Gaoithe

Original Jon





Grand Chase, Kanavan, The Organisation

1st Job: Fencer

2nd Job: Crusader

3rd Job: Exorcist

4th Job: Hoplite

5th Job: Paladin


Creator: Shadowfang3000

Age: 19?

Likes: Toy Soldiers, Elesis, Strategy, Fencing

Dislikes: Being treated as royalty, Children, Magic

Lloyd was born in a royal family of Kanavan, friendly with Erudon family. Despite growing with many servants at his side and learning with his own private tutor, he yearned to be a normal boy, treating them as normal friends. As he came of age, he was offered work in a secret organisation from Kanavan, attached to the Trackers. After Kaze'aze was discovered, he was sent to sneak into her ranks and spy. He was sent under the command of Dark Anmon, and was a double agent for many years. Until the Grand Chase, unaware of his work, accidently revealed him to Dark Anmon. With nothing else to do he joined the Chase, hoping to gain more information for the Organisation.


Lloyd has a similar personality to Elesis, loving battles, but preferring a more strategic approach. When he was younger he was known to lock himself in his room for hours with a box of toy soldiers, directing real wars in the way he thought commanders should have.


Claire Antares (Younger sister): Strong Rivalary, Claire despising him

Orion Antares (Older Brother): Good friend, his emotional counsel

Ernest Antares (Father): Rarely saw him, but idolised him


  • Knew Ronan as a child
  • Interested in the legend of Sieghart, Idolising him.
  • Has a extremely large crush on Elesis, much to her annoyance.
  • Doesn't slash with weapons, rather stabs or twirls them (Infact, he himself finds dueling to basically be a form of dance)
  • His 3rd job weapons actually once belonged to Deimos
  • He might be surveying the Chase for the Organisation