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Creator: Shadowfang3000

Age: 31

Likes: Rhode, Blood, The taste of Blood

Dislikes: Pacifists, Technology


Lock was born with the demon spirit "Scythe" inside his soul. His parents were disgusted by this, and deserted

Lock's 3rd Job, Coming soon!

him to the streets of his town, having to fend for himself. During his teens (17-18) he found a young baby girl, also deserted. He took care of her, naming her "Rhode" after the street he found her at. About 5 years later, a gang came, and beat him to near death, before kidnapping Rhode. Left in a pool of blood, immobile, Lock tasted it, and Scythe was rekeased, turning him into a beserker. He then left to find a group to help his search for Rhode


Lock truly doesn't want any battling, he just wants to continue his life normally, and die a normal person, yet the spirit of Scythe, now controlling most of his mind, wants any excuse that'll give him the taste of blood



  • He adopted a girl who was abandoned as a baby, and while he loved her as a daughter, she loved him as a man
  • Usual wears a strange mask when walking around busy areas, ashamed to show his face
  • Heavily based on Nozumu Itoshiki from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
  • Sometimes carries a loose rope around his neck tied as a noose.
  • Has fairly large canines, making him bear a large resemblences to a vampire