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Creator: Shadowfang3000

Age: 14

'Likes': Painting, Mysteries, Drawing, Crime Solving, Pickles

Dislikes':' Rap, Interpretive Dance, the Criminal getting away!


Luruna Rashs'is was the only daughter of the famous Bronze Plus town painter Baxon Rashs'is, known for his

Luruna's 4th, coming soon!

masterpiece, the Gon'a'Visa. When she was born, Baxon trained Luruna to become his successor, teaching her the many ways to paint, yet Luruna had her OWN dream. She wished to become a detective, better then any before her, and help turn the world for the better. She held a double life, painting for her father, and tagging along with a detective who she once had as a teacher, "Stayin Cognito", who taught her the basics of Detective work. The was all too much for her, and she soon fell ill from overworking. She fell into a coma, during which her town was attacked, and her father killed during the retreat. The monsters that arrived to a defenseless girl decided not to kill her, but grant her this one lucky day. She soon awoke, and decided to travel to Silver Cross town and help make sure it doesn't suffer the same fate as Bronze Plus. It was then she discovered that from a 1 day of extreme luck, comes 100 years of extreme bad luck!


Luruna is very childish in her ways, but polite none the same, always remembering her "Please" and "Thank you"'s. Although, due to the effect of her curse, she is extremely clumsy and unlucky, so much that many kept their distance from her during her younger years


  • Extremely unlucky due to a curse she recieved after an extremely lucky occurence
  • Clumsy, and sometimes spaced out
  • Has a crush on her Detective teacher Stayin
  • After the chase, she created her own private Detective Agency that would work on any case, as minor or large as possible: The Get Backers. Their motto? "To Get Back at those criminals!"