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1st Job: Guardian - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

2nd Job: Ravager - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

3rd Job: Sonata - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

4th Job: Adversary - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

5th Job: Macabre - Skill Tree (Unreleased)


"Haven't you ever wondered son?" Deimos said, fiddling with his watches

"What do you mean, Dei?" Raide mumbled, laying down on the grass, Deimos grabbed Raide's hat and held it to his face:

"Why you always wear this hat? This has more power then you could ever imagine. This, is the power source of Kaze'aze..." Raide swiped it off his father and put it back on, lowering it over his eyes.


Attack: Extremely high

Defence: High

Vitality: Medium

Speed: High


Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives

Macabre Mission (GP)

  • Find 5 Kaze'aze Thorns
  • Collect 50 Torn Cloth in any dungeon
  • Find the Dancer of the heavens
  • Find the Last of the Druids
  • Find the Son of Erudon
  • Find the Master of the Elements
Cash Macabre Mission (Cash)
  • Find 1 Kaze'aze Thorn
  • Collect 5 Variety Marks in any dungeon
  • Find the Son of Erudon

Basic MovesEdit

Keystrokes Name Effect
Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z Basic Combo

Raide takes off his hat, swinging left, then right, then spirals like a ballerina. He finally throws it forward, and it returns as a boomerang

^, Z, Z Jump Attack Raide spins his hat on his finger, before returning it to his head
Z, v, >,<,>,<(^, Z (To finish)) Headspin Raide flips onto his head, and starts spinning, magical blades erupting from his head, growing larger as he spins. You must keep pressing the last 4 buttons in the right order to keep spinning, or Raide slips and is rendered unconscious for 2 seconds.
> > Dash/Run Raide does a flip, landing in a slide, before rolling again into a fast run
>,>, Z, Z Dash attack Raide flips, then lands in a slide. His feet enchant into magic blades, damaging enemies in the way


Embrace Moves Dark Whirlwind: Raide throws his hat at an extremely high speed like a boomerang, extremly similar to "Donation suprise" but with superior range.

Prince's Wrath: Raide swings up with his hat, before leaping into the air spinnnig forward at high speeds, repeatadly hitting his foes.

Mothers Embrace: Raide musters all off his strength, kneeling down before transforming into a more human like Kaze'aze, this transformation lasts only 10 seconds, but it is extremely fast and powerful.

Relation Moves:

Knight's Valor: Raides hat turns blue as a faint image of Ronan appears, he slashes left and right before uppercutting the enemy

Casters Wisdom: Raides hat turns a darker blue as a faint image of Kyro appears, He rolls his hat along the ground as lighting trails it.

Beauty & Innocence: Raides hat turns pink as a faint image of Amy appears with love hearts along it, Raide throws flowers from his hat all around, healing all within range


"The parties about to start!"

"Stay strong!"

"By the power of Kaze'aze!"

"Dear Amy..."

"This ones from Ronan!"

"Heres a gift wrapped present from Kyro!"

"I'm here!"

"I'm not shadow nor light"

"Okay, now your just being annoyying"

"I need a nurse! No, no-no I need a FEMALE nurse!"

"Shes a lady, and shes sad, meaning she needs to be treated with kindness. Its a mans job to supply that kindness, period, no exceptions!"

"I've been savin' this one just for you!"

"Sorry about that!"

"Sweet Dreams!"

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