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Nereus' Fifth Job: Poseidons Messenger




SilverLand, Lake Aurora Side


Emei Piercers, Monk Spade, Twin Hooks, Guan Dao, Fishing Rod

Original Job





Grand Chase, the Erenfried Family

1st Job: Cuardaigh-Ripper

2nd Job: Treasure-Hunter

3rd Job: Crúca Wielder

4th Job: Peace-Múinteoir

5th Job: Poseidons-Messenger


Age: 27

Type: Starter

Likes: Fishing, The Sea, Rivers, Streams, Water, Fish, Family, Peace, Not to mention Fishing

Dislikes: Fire, Violence, Sexism, Abuse, Swimming.

Nereus was an orphan at a young age, homeless and living off his only skill, fishing at Lake Aurora on the Silver Land. At the age of 12 during a fishing trip he noticed a boat going by, in which a young girl, around his age and formally dressed sat. She wave at him as she went by, yet an older man on the boat, most likely her father, turned her away, glaring at Nereus. Nereus remembered that day as he grew, children began visiting him to listen to his stories. He spoke of legends, such as the Sieghart story, and soon he himself became a legend, known as the "Rivers Son". As he turned 19 the young lady he saw came to visit him, revealing herself to be Shannon Falcington, daughter of Nohansen Falcington, mayor of the town Nereus was in. She frequently visited him, the 2 getting along well, and 4 years later, they wed. They had 3 children also, Emily, Jean and Rufus. Another 2 years later the Silver Land came under invasion by Kaze'aze, and as the Silver Knights struggled to keep foes at bay aswell as the crowd of horrified civilians under control, Nerues lost his son Rufus in the mass. As he, Shannon and his 2 young girls were evacuated to Serdin, he made a vow to save his son, and learn the way of combat. As the Grand Chase were dispatched he was sent to join them about a month later, and began to pursue them to search for his son.

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  • The strange words in his 1st, 3rd and 4th are Irish words. Cuardaigh means "Quick", Crúca means "Hook" and Múinteoir means "Teacher".
  • He owns his own Tea house.
  • Nicknamed "Sea Weed head" by Antheia.
  • Has a calm Southern Irish accent.
  • Was a story teller, many came to him to hear of legendary warriors and mythical creatures.
  • Some listen to him just to hear his voice, which was apparantly the most soothing voice of all time.
  • He is very defensive of women. If you were being sexist to a girl you could expect him to punch you in the face.
  • Happily Married with Shannon Falcington, who is a first class lady, while he was a low class homeless fisherman when they met.
  • He was known to fish for as long as it took to get what he wanted, not moving an inch until success.
  • He strangely can't swim