Pets are companions in Grand Chase, purchasable with either cash, points, through playing Gacha, or by creating it with a Creation Manual.

Pet InfoEdit

A pet gives its owner stats when equipped, with those stats growing as the pet levels. Each pet gives different stats, some more than others. Pets can also be equipped with an armor that is called a "costume".

Try to keep your pets healthy by feeding them gems you can buy from the shop and crystals that you sometimes earn from defeating bosses in the dungeons. To evolve your pets you need to buy a evolution book which costs 100,000 GP, 4,000 cash, or 6,000 cash. Each pet gets a new attack when they evolve. Some pets are only obtainable through the Gacha dungeons. Gacha requires a Gacha coin to play, which are obtainable with Cash or through events.

Pet Name/Description Creator Obtainable From Evolved, Can Evolve, or Cannot Evolve
Elem [The Elemental Slime] LordRaeo Unlock Kyro or buy for 7200 Cash Cannot Evolve
Ayleen [Angel of Light] FallofDawn Unlock Destiny Cannot Evolve
Trace [Mini Vampire] FallofDawn Unlock Raynor or buy for 6500 Cash Cannot Evolve



Elem is a cousin of the slime. But a very rare one. He has been altered by magic. When he is equipped (he may only be equipped with Kyro, he takes the form of the element being used by Kyro. His attacks change in appearence and effect depending on the element. His attack is to teleport forward through enemies and then back to the characters side side.


Angel of light

Ayleen is the cousin of Lilith. She is a mini Angel much look like Angel of Light. She is created from the light of all hearts. So have a pure heart and maybe she'll appear to help you. Ayleen has an ability like Myuurin and has an offensive like Sidt. She's a big help to you also, she can help in improving your light necklace.

Trace Edit

Mini vampire JPG copy
Trace is a mini vampire. It's the cousin of Imp. He may be stubborn but he can be a big help by attacking the enemy with it's eyes summoning a laser. He likes Ayleen so much that he makes her annoyed. You can get him by unlocking Raynor or buying him at the shop.