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Sakura Elementalist
Gender unknown O_o
Age 17
Race Human
Home Continent Bermesiah
Hometown Soah Kaeh
Affiliations Grand Chase
Job classes Elementalist, Element Swordsman, Elemental Ruler, Magic Master, Veneficus Bellator
Original Job Elementalist
Weapons Sakura's Staff


Character Sakura

1st Job: Elementalist - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

2nd Job: Element Swordsman - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

3rd Job: Elemental Ruler - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

4th Job: Magic Master - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

5th Job: Veneficus Bellator - Skill Tree (Unreleased)


Main InfoEdit

Made by: Sakura95

Age: 17 (Physical), 9000+ (Mental)

Favourite Activities: Casting spells, smashing things, being with friends, beating Samuel (occasionally Raide), flirting with Victory, showing off, being lazy and sleepy.

Pet Peeves: People like Samuel (annoying ones), being considered for a girl or weaker one, black holes.

Sakura's story starts on the one of seven Neehborian Islands. The main reason for joining the Grand Chase was destruction of Soah Kaeh by Dark Anmon and his minions. Sakura decided to punish him and, equipped with basic knowledge about elemental magic he had learned and his favourite wooden staff, travelled to Kanavan, hoping that this Chase people told stories about will be able to help achieving his goals.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Elemental SwitchEdit

Sakura is able to switch between elements (fire, earth, water, wind, electricity) and non-elemental magic. This gives him the ability to change effects of some of his skills, but doesn't affect Critical/Double Attacks.

  • Magic - main effect; little more damage than other elements
  • Fire - lefts fiery fields on the ground
  • Ice - may freeze enemy
  • Earth - may scatter and hurt more enemies
  • Wind - provides knock-out
  • Lightning - fastest casting time

1st Skill ChargeEdit

If Z key is held within the time of 1st skill usage (except 3rd Job's Greater Portal), the skill will consume 1 more bar to empower its effects/damage.


Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
40000 GP Worn-Out Sakura Mission
  • Defeat Dark Anmon 25 times on 3 star difficulty
  • Collect 200 Books of Knowledge: Elements in any dungeon on Ellia Continent
10000 Cash Premium Sakura Mission
  • Collect a Gem
  • Collect a Crystal


  • Sakura uses the same weapon through his all 5 jobs. Its appearance cannot be changed. Instead of having weapons like Pegasus Staff, Sakura uses the runes to give it better damage and abilities of current job.
  • Currently being the only member of Grand Chase with not specified gender.