Raide Kyro Leslie Deimos Sinclaire Sakura Tyrorik Sean Destiny Antheia
Gender Female
Age 21
Race Human
Home Continent Ellia
Hometown Kaze'Aze's Castle
Affiliations Grand Chase, Kaze'aze
Job classes Guest, Member, Moderator, Administrator, TechGoddess
Original Job Guest
Weapons Laptop, Dual Discgrams, Energy Tower Launcher, Computer Chips, Psy Goggles


Sinclaire icon

1st Job: Guest - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

2nd Job: Member - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

3rd Job: Moderator - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

4th Job: Administrator - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

5th Job: TechGoddess - Skill Tree (Unreleased)


Main InfoEdit

Made By: Shadowfang3000

Age: 21

Favorite Activity: Typing, Making References, Turning frowns upside down, Blinking, Giggling, Family, Mice, Hamsters, Pratically Everything

Pet Peeve: Magic, Mari

Sinclaire was born gifted with the ability of time travel, she was born 3 years before Raide, but was treaten badly by her mother, since Kaze'aze wished to have a male heir. She ran away from home at the age of 12, in an attempt to find someone else to look after her. She ran into the Basilisk, and with no form of defense, closed her eyes and awaited death. She then passed out, although she was not injured serverly, to people, one clad in blue robes and another, much shorter one with a purple outfit fought off the basilisk and took care of Sinclaire. 7 years on, she discovered her time travel abilities, and accidently travelled forward in time to London, 2009. There she learnt of the technologies the world would soon learn, and took some with her as she travelled back to her own time peroid. Excited, she ran to the 2 who rescued her, the 2 who never gave her their names. She explained to the 2 about what would happen, but the 2 laughed it off, and for the first time, she heard one of them say the others name. What was said?

"Kyro, continue your trainning, i will be back in a bit"

The blue robed man walked off without a word, Sinclaire called back, saying she could find out what will happen with Kyro in the future. The purple outfitted woman looked scared, what was planned for the future? Betrayal? Whatever it was, the woman attacked Sinclaire. But without a second thought, she used her time travel abilities to teleport away. To this day no one has found Sinclaire, but that might change soon enough...

Unlocking Edit

Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
? GP Worn-Out Sinclaire Mission ?
? Cash Premium Sinclaire Mission ?

Quotes Edit



  • Sinclaire is quite literally, insane. Sometimes randomly giggling or twitching (Thats why she winks so much, not because she finds you attractive >.>). This is due to how much shes seen through time travel, which was a bit to much for her brain to handle.
  • Shes a motherly figure to Raide and strangly Deimos, her father.
  • She has a strong Australian accent.
  • She suffers from Heterchromia, and no, she is not a rip off of Mari, Mari came out about 5 months after her
  • She also may even suffer Asperger Syndrome, not knowing when to shut up and randomly saying things not useful in the situation
  • She loves collecting things to the point of making others carry them before she arranges them on her shelves.
  • Has the 'Azes trademark bad sense of direction.