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Raide Icon

1st Job: Guardian - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

2nd Job: Ravager - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

3rd Job: Sonata - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

4th Job: Adversary - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

5th Job: Macabre - Skill Tree (Unreleased)


Raide was in the crowd at one of Amy's concerts, fully dressed in his pink suit and Amy wig. He was offered a behind the scenes tour, in which Amy asked him to join her team as her conductor. He instantly accepted, yet Amy stopped him: He still had a long way to go.

Sonata uses a Conductor's baton to command numerous instruments in battle, using these can make him a formidable foe with long range and short range attacks.

Attack: Medium

Defense High

Vitality: High


  • Worn-out Sonata mission

Find 50 Daisies

Collect 10 Molten Lava Crystals from Hell Bridge

Find 1 Shampoo from Kaze'aze Castle

  • Premium Sonata Mission
  • Find 1 Daisy
  • Collect 1 Molten Lava Crystal from Hell Bridge

Basic MovesEdit

Keystrokes Name Effect
Z, Z, Z (Baton) Basic Combo

Raide uppercuts, slashes down, then does a flipping axe kick

Z, Z, Z, Z, Z (Conductor Marching Band Raide summons a Trumpet, which sends out 3 notes, then a Harp which sends 2 larger ones
Z, Z, Z, ^ Drum Roll! Raide summons a Trumpet, which sends out 3 notes, then summons a drum under his foe, which sends them flying into the air
> > Dash Raide slides forward, one foot trailing across the floor
>,>, Z Dash attack Raide summons a Cello, and bashes it on his foes head
>, Z Grab Raide pulls out a large drum, smashing it onto his enemy and trapping them, before kicking it with a roundhouse kick



Nemo: Raide summons his Orchestra and plays an extract of Nemo by Nightwish, attack buff for 30 seconds

Dark Chest of Wonders: Raide summons his Orchestra and plays an extract of Dark chest of wonders by Nightwish, 3 Random items ranging from aging cores to potions to armour appear

Moonlight Sonata: Raide summons his Orchestra and plays an extract from Moonlight Sonata, Mana is completely filled to all teamates


Poke-ya- face: Raide thrusts with his baton 3 times

I Seek Amy: Amy's chakrani appear in Raide's hands and he throws them both forward at the enemy

Oh $*£&!!: A completely random attack, That could either wipe all enemies out, heal enemies, or kill Raide


  • "Drumroll!"
  • "Come on! Stick to the beat, will you?
  • "Just fall to the floor, it will end this much quicker"
  • "Hey, what do you know, I found nemo!"
  • "What!? NO!"
  • "Rehearse mate, rehearse..."
  • "No turning back!"