The Chase have returned to Ellia, and revisited Hell Bridge, where a mining effort by Bronze Plus and Silver Cross Town had begun. They had already hit a large base of Diamond, which they planned to use for their town defences, military armour and weaponary, but soon, the Diamond layer became unstable, and the Chase fell down into a new land...


Raide: CRIKEY!

Sinclaire, Cabe and Luruna: Wee!!

Deimos: BLOODY 'ELL!

Antheia: DAMN!

Wesker: Hold on...


Lloyd: JEBUS!


Ashcroft: !

Lock: Oh my...

  • The group land in a pile, on some sort of farmland. A Grey haired man, with tanned skin, a small beard and a gardening hoe notices them*

???: Woah! Are you guys all right?

  • He squats to eye level with Raide*

Raide: I think I broke my love muscles...

  • Wesker shifts to get up, Antheia in his arms as the rest of the chase slip in opposite directions

Raide: ACK! Now I KNOW I broke my love muscles! Ow-how-howwwww!

  • The others stand, Nereus and Cabe helping a crying Raide*

???: You guys look tired, why don't you come in and have something to eat?

  • Deimos raises an eyebrow, as the man turns, and everyone but him, Wesker and Lock follow*

Deimos: He looks a lot like me don't you think?

  • Wesker nods*

Lock: We must be cautious...

Deimos: Yeah... Couldn't agree with you more Lock.

  • They follow, entering a cottage. There was a smell of clean washing hanging in the air, as a woman in a long white dress walked in*

???: Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Phobos 'Kavi, and that is my beautiful wife, Avi.

  • Avi giggles, and hugs her husband, the entire chase make a huddle up circle, except Cabe and Sinclaire, who seem oblivious to the others.*

Raide: Am I not alone in thinking that woman looks extremely attractive?

Leon: Ray-Dee, you fool. The woman looks just like your mother!

  • Raide's eyes widen, he turns, asks Phobos wear the bathroom is, and makes a break for it*

Leon: Anyway, truthfully, she's quite a "Yummy Mummy", if you know what I mean, heh.

Deimos: I'm already married to her you stupid twa- ... Lets get back to the point. If this is Kaze'aze, what the hell is she doing here?

  • Avi hears the conversation*

Avi: Kaze'aze? Oh, you sillies. She's just a fairy tale!

Phobos: Yeah, she was the evil queen up in the sky, apparantly she use her great beauty to her advantage. Heh, no wonder Avi grabbed my heart!

  • Avi playfully slaps his shoulder, laughing.*

Avi: Anyway, there's a story of a group called the Grand Chase, who followed her across the world, fighting her minions at every turn!

  • The group stands gobsmacked*

Phobos: Actually, we have a group similar to the Chase around here... Except... Well...

Avi: They're evil. PURE evil! They consist of a family, Emile, the Swordsman, Jak, the fist fighter, Rulette, the Shapeshifter, Ingrid the Thief and Erunes, the Spell Knight and ruler of these lands

Sinclaire: Oh no!

Luruna: Oh no!

Cabe: Oh no!

  • Raide bursts from the bathroom, his trousers still down revealing his leopard skin patterned boxers*

Raide: OH YEAH!

  • Leon tackles him to the ground*

Phobos: Aye, it's a hard life, but we've pull through, our love never breaking.

Avi: It's just farming, farming, giving 85% of the crops to Erunes, paying taxes, then using the small remainder of grain left to make dinner. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Sinclaire: I'll help you!

Cabe and Luruna: Second on that!

Phobos: Help us? What do you mean?

Sinclaire: We'll fight those meanies, and make the land peaceful again!

  • Cabe and Luruna wave a flag behind her, jumping up and saluting*


Phobos: My, you're just like the Grand Chase in the Fairy Tale!

Sinclaire: Right gang, TO BATTLE! PARTY!!

  • The trio charge, the others slowly walking the same way. Leon winks at Avi, but Deimos slaps him over the head. They keep on moving*