Having finally broken through the Trees of Acantha. The Fortress of Abidanos lays inbetween the Chase and the commander behind the armies here. The Chase have a challenge ahead of them, somehow they must break through the outer perimetre and climb over the walls.




Thief King: We're finally here, Abidano's Keep. You'll have no chance going alone.

Elesis: Ha! Alone? We're the Grand Chase! We've got each others backs.

Deimos: He does have a point Elesis, if you reviewed the info sheet King got us, they've got an entire legion of the best troops at their helms.

Antheia: Yeah, aswell as a Middle Eastern Ellia Elite. The Battle Battalion 99

Raide: Pfft, cheesy name.

Thief King: Whatever, I'm still going with you, we need to get through the perimetre and climb those walls.

Antheia: Brave for a Thief.

Thief King: Shut up.

Sinclaire: Brave for anyone! Heehee!

Mini-Boss: ErnestEdit

Ernest: I do not care Colonel, Kaze'aze no longer requires your assistance.

Colonel: But sir! We need supplies!

Lloyd: D-Dad? Is... that you?

  • He glares behind him*

Ernest: ...

Lloyd: Father?

Ernest: Son...

  • Ernest leaps off the wall as Lloyd runs forward. Ernest hugs his son tightly.*

Ernest: There is no need to fight...

  • Ernest raises a dagger behind his son's back, before he is literally drop tackle down by Deimos. Ernest throws him off*

Lloyd: Dad! Whats gotten into.

Ernest: I've seen the light. Heh, foolish boy.

  • He draws his Rapier*

Mini-boss Ernest Ending (Half Health)Edit

  • Ernest and Lloyd are blade locked. Ernest pushes him back. Lloyd slashes, yet Ernest parrys, throwing Lloyds blade away. He elbows him to the ground and point his blade to his throat.*

Ernest: Hehheh. Boys will be boys...

  • He turns his back, lowering his blade as a dark portal opens*

Ernest: Learn something from this encounter.

  • He walks in, and its closes*

Lloyd: Dad....No...

  • Lloyd sits up*

Sieghart: This is perfect, absolutely PERFECT! Ernest Antares is working for Kaze'aze. The current best swordsman and commander!

  • Lloyd lowers his head*

Lloyd: I refuse to belief my own father would betray his own people!

  • He hits he floor with his fist*

Sieghart: Oh he did kiddo, oh he did.

Antheia: Enough of this rat-ass. We've got a wall to climb!

  • Antheia forcefully picks him up by the arm.*

Boss: Battle Battalion 99Edit

Zero: Hoho! Who do we have here?

Thirty-Five: Antheia the Crimson Mage! Hoho!

Twenty-Seven: Even if she was still on our side, she would be dead meat. Or be *ahem* entertainment.

Four: What about me TwoSev?

  • Twenty Seven looks at the group*

Twenty-Seven: Theres the Pink Haired girl and the one with Multi Coloured eyes.

Zero: I'm getting me some of that!

  • The group laughs*

Elesis: Ack! Thats disgusting!"

Four: Why boy? Are they your girls?

  • Steam comes out of Elesis's ears. The group continue laughing

Elesis: You guys are DEAD! DEAD DEAD DEAD!