Torusice was a small town located in the south-east of Xenia past its border in the forests. It was fairly normal, its only fame being from its army of only 50 people, known as the Lancers. The people were simple folk, with no real skills that could benefit the land. All the town knew eachother and shared a passion for two things. Peace and Quiet. Torusice was unfortunately destroyed during Kaze'azes conquest, but after the Grand Chase cleansed it, Deimos, technically being its new ruler due to his relationship with its last lord, decided to turn it into a Healing Shrine, with a memorial to all those who died there.

Notable membersEdit

Deimos, successor to throne, member of the Lancers. Becomes member of the Grand Chase

Leon, member of Ladringtons personal squad and a Lancer, Becomes member of the Grand Chase

Ladrington XI†, Last ruler of Torusice

Akakios† , Ladringtons messenger

Euthymius† , Ladringtons translator and scribe, always at his side but had little combat experience

Athanasius†, Gladiator, Torusices Sieghart and a part time Lancer

Evaristus†, Teacher and carer of the homeless

Dionsyios†, Master of weapons, armoury owner and a Lancer

Kreios†, Captain of Ladringtons Elite Squad within the Lancers

Aiolous†, Retired Explorer, story teller