The Thief King, at the mercy of the Chase, has lead them to the Trees of Acantha, where myths of strange vampire creatures existed. Despite these dangers, this was the only way to reach Abidanos, King of the Continent and one of Kaze'azes general's keep.



First room:Edit

Raide: Ergh, forests. I hate these places!

Ryan: What!? How could you hate such natural beauty?

Raide: These freaking bugs mate, the disease, and the fact theirs no bloody roofs to sleep under!

Thief King: Well, here you are. Just go straight. Ciao!

  • The King tries to sprint away, but Antheia grabs him by the ear*

Antheia: Not on my watch, ass licker. All we know, this might be a trap. So you're coming with us

Thief King: Goddammit... Wheres the peasant anyway? The one that made you cry? Hehhe-

  • Antheia punches him in the jaw, and he flies into the air, dissappearing Team Rocket style*

Raide: Haha! Look it him go! Weehee!

  • He comes back down, landing on Raide of course*

Antheia: C'mon. Lets get movin'.

Boss: AcanthaEdit

Acantha: Hello, my pretties!

Raide: Wait! Y-you think I'M pretty? Really!?

Acantha: Heehee! Of course, dear.

Raide: Well, hehheh, I think your quite cute too.

  • Leon jumps on his shoulders, flooring him*

Leon: Its a trap!

Thief King: Oh god! Its her! Acantha!

Sinclaire: Acantha? Heehee...

Thief King: She's just a myth, but she's basically a vampire shapeshifter. She can change her look to be what her foe finds attractive, then draws them close for the kill.

Antheia: Nah, shes just another dog with no purpose. Time to get cracking skulls!

Boss DefeatedEdit

  • Acantha begins to crumble into dust*

Acantha: No! NO! It can't end this way! Not yet!

Raide: Sorry Ms. Acantha! If you want, I'll give you my addres-


Thief King: Thank god thats over

Deimos: Indeed.

  • Antheia turns, suprised*

Antheia: You were here!?

Deimos: Yes, always.

Antheia: ...Stalker much?

Thief King: We've almost arrived. Just follow my lead.

  • Raide collapses in tears*

Raide: She didn't like me! *sob*


  • Treadd is visible in the background in each room, with his sign. On the jump quest, it has an arrow on it pointing where a the teleporter is